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All About Keeping Carpets, Furniture, and Grout Clean in Dayton

Ron Goralski is the head of Dayton Gem City Carpet Cleaning, a company that knows how much cleanliness counts. These articles reveal surprising but important tidbits about the causes of dirtiness in our homes, and what can be done to right the greasy wrong.

The Importance of Cleaning Grout

Grout soaks up dirt, grit, and grease. Goralski says that you must keep it clean if you want it to last.

The Benefits of Pet Deodorization and Carpet Deep-Cleaning

Whether those nasty odors are from smoking or cat urine, it's hard to live with the stink. Here's a sure way to scrub out the offensive olfactory invader.

Why Clean Furniture Upholstery?

The only way sweat and wear can completely ruin your furniture is if you never do anything to wipe out the stains. Goralski says that there's a way to save that beautiful furniture.


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