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Steps for Deep Carpet Cleaning

Step 1. Vacuuming

Vacuum Carpet

This is an often skipped, but critically important step. A powerful vacuum cleaner is used to make certain dry soil is completely removed. Steam cleaning without vacuuming can cause dirt to be flushed down to the bottom of the carpet. This dirt can reemerge as the carpet dries. This is a process known as "wicking".

Step 2. Pre-spraying

Vacuum Carpet

Did you know that most discount carpet cleaners put cleaning agents in their "rinse" water? This is like a person taking a shower in soapy water without a clean rinse afterwards!

Why do discount cleaners do this? To save the time for doing both a CLEAN and a RINSE. They have to cut corners to do the job more cheaply, and often the homeowner cannot tell the difference until weeks later...when the soapy residue has quickly attracted new dirt. NOTE - This is the source of the household myth that you should never get your carpets cleaned because they will just get dirt quickly again.

We clean carpet the right way at Dayton Gem City Carpet Cleaning. We prespray the entire carpet with a hot cleaning solution IN ADDITION to rinsing. We leave it on for 20 minutes to allow it to penetrate deep into your carpet fibers to kill germs and bacteria and loosen all grease / oil and general soiling that has attached itself to the carpet. This cleaning solution is then later removed with the clean rinse.

Step 3. Rotary Scrubbing

Rotary scrubber

Rotary scrubbing is the process of working the surfactants deep into the fibers. Scrubbing is only needed for heavily soiled carpet. However, if the fibers have been significantly damaged or the carpet has not been protected, even this thorough cleaning may not remove traffic lanes.

Step 4. Stain Treatment

Stain Treatment

Any spots that that are left after scrubbing are given extra attention are treated expert stain removal specialists.

Step 5. Hot water extraction rinsing

Carpet Steam Extraction

A pH-balancing, clean hot water rinse is sprayed under pressure and then vacuumed up along with dirt and soil.

Step 6. Protecting carpet

Carpet protection

Protects carpets against acid-based stains like colored fruit drinks, soft drinks, gelatins etc. Revitalizes soil/stain protection on stain-resistant carpets. Protects against dirt, dust, mud and grime. Carpet manufacturers require protector in order to maintain your carpet warranty.

Step 7. Grooming carpet

Hot water extraction

Grooming is an important step that improves the appearance of your carpet and works the protector over the entire fiber.

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The excellent job that Dayton Gem City did on our carpets helped us get a higher price on the sale of our house.

Thank you. I will certainly be telling my family and friends about your services.

Sarah Marshall