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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Dayton

For the best in Dayton tile and grout cleaning, don't count on anyone but the experienced team at Dayton Gem City Carpet Cleaning. Our staff knows that your home or business deserves the best, which is why our service goes way beyond the standard treatments typically offered by other cleaning companies. For well over a decade, we've brought quality service to homes and businesses throughout the Dayton area, and are committed to taking the dirty work out of keeping your surroundings clean, healthy, and inviting.

We make your tile shine and remove stubborn dirt and stains from grout through the use of a three-step process, one that takes even the most high-traffic surfaces to a new level of clean. Before the process begins, we use an industrial-strength spray to pre-treat the affected areas, making it easier to remove dirt and set-in stains. After the area has been treated, we agitate the molecules, bringing embedded soil and particles to the surface for removal. Finally, we complete the treatment by using a high-pressure rinse to get rid of dirt, pollutants, and chemical residue, before drying the entire area.

When you need Dayton tile and grout cleaning that's effective, affordable, and gets visible results, without taking up the whole day and putting you behind schedule, a call to Dayton Gem City Carpet Cleaning is a lifesaver. Whether you need a thorough cleaning, or it's time for a grout sealing to prevent future staining, we'll leave your tile floors looking as good as new. Call today for a free estimate, and say hello to a cleaner tomorrow.

Our 3 Step Deep Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-spray

Cleaner Pre-spraying tile with special formulated cleaning solution.

We pre-spray to your tile and grout with a special formulated cleaning solution to loosen all dirt, hard water deposits and previous cleaning solution residue.

Step 2: Agitation

A cleaner applying agitation to tile.

Agitation is performed to remove imbedded soil adhere to your tile joints.

Step 3: Rinse

A cleaner rinsing tile with high pressure hot water rinse.

We use a high pressure hot water rinse to extract all dirt and chemical residue from your tile and grout. Then we dry all wet areas to leave your tile nice and clean.

Dayton Gem City Carpet Cleaning also provides the service of grout sealing to preserve your grout clean and prevent staining.

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